вторник, 23 август 2011 г.

Clean and elegant shoes are autumn Jason Wu

The latest collection of ladies shoes Jason Wu presents a chic and elegant concept of our vision in the autumn.

Clear character models wearing classic every detail boots ask - "Is there a version in which the classics is not number 1?"

Wu's collection stands out not with extravagance as that of Nicholas Kirkwood, nor does seductive magnetism of Christian Louboutin, but has a unique charm due to the simple detail.

The classic design of the shoe comes in different colors, metal, gold in black and red to blue and pale pink and the materials with which designers have worked leather, satin, felt and pony hair.

A key detail is the metal tip of the current that gives a stylish, a little crude, but the sexy end of the shoe.

Fringe shoes and high boots capture the cold months

Autumn-Winter collection of Isabel Marant presents his vision for our feet in the coming cold days.

High-soled boots with fringes over!

Fringes are still very popular in 2011. Stick to natural colors such as suede and white, gray and black.

In addition, the platform shall be binding on slippery and wet seasons, we see fringes on the streets of many European capitals. This is a request for persisting their popularity and relevance.

Jewel by Jimmy Choo

jewel by Jimmy Choo
Underline the elegance and grace in himself with an incredible offer of Jimmy Choo.

Admittedly JImmy Choo sandals there is something very feminine, beautiful and graceful.

Suitable for elegant evening events, such as New Year's Eve together with a beautiful dress and simple jewelry. I can not feel mysteriously charming, if you choose this for themselves a real gem.

The shoes are made of leather and the vision of a latticed pattern form. This grille is black leather adorned with glittering crystals that complement the beauty of the shoes.

Alexander McQueen for Puma 2010

Came across several models from the collection of Alexander McQueen for PUMA, launched for the holidays in late 2010.

McQueen was a great designer and the models only confirm this. The style is inimitable and unique design.

This is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and comfortable shoes on the market.

Among the names of the models in this collection of PUMA are: Crag Hiker, Descent Hi, Entwine, Scarred Street Leather, Street Climb Lo, Street Climb Mid and Trinomic.

Here are some models that impressed us:

Gianmarco Lorenzi shoes

Gianmarco Lorenzi shoes are very elegant and feminine.

A collection for spring-summer 2011 offers us a wide variety of designs, colors and heights of power.

Gianmarco Lorenzi Italian brand is known worldwide for its sophisticated look and quality.

When obuete these shoes will feel like you're in heaven.

For those of you ladies who love convenience, but do not want to replace it with luxury and elegant appearance, the fashion brand shoes and offers a low power, and such a platform.

Wear an American flag on his shoes ...

Generally, the form and purpose are unknown, but even with an accent, a simple thing could become extraordinary.

This is true for almost everything, but in case it comes to these shoes Giuseppe Zanotti.

Nothing surprising there on the silhouette of the shoe according to us, except that the focus of this jewelry is on the front and sides of shoes. America's flag falls elegantly on top of the shoe as if it "embraces."

A fastening is performed by zip at the back of the shoe.

Current is gradually tapering, and the height reached by almost 12 cm

Feel like a real fairy tale princess shoes from Miu Miu.

Feel like a real fairy tale princess shoes from Miu Miu.

These shoes remind us of the fairy tale princesses, are always a nice dress and even more beautiful shoes.

This lovely piece of jewelry can literally blind you with gold glitter.

They have a soft focus at the front, in the form of ribbon, which seemed to spoil prikaznostta shoes.

Currents prikaznie creations are 14 cm high goals can combine them with a simple black dress without a lot of jewelry, does not seem to favor elaborate.